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Power Distribution £ Per week ex vat

Power distribution is an area where we excel with an exceptional stock. As you will see we have designed a modular power distribution system which can be configured to suit all manner of events, indoors and out, which when coupled with our enormous cable stocks, cable ramps etc enables us to tackle just about anything . It requires a high level of technical knowledge backed up by qualifications when designing and installing temporary power systems which is where we can help, after all we have been doing it for 30 years

If you would like us to quote for a power distribution project do get in touch


Distro 1 400a TPNE powerlock in, 2 x 125a TPNE, 2 x 63a TPNE out MCB protected 75.00
Distro 2 200a TPNE camlock in, 4 x 63a TPNE out, MCB protected 50.00
Distro 3 125a TPNE ceeform in, 2 x 63a 2 x 32 a TPNE out MCB protected 45.00
Distro 4 63a TPNE ceeform out. 2 x 63a SPNE out per phase MCB/RCD protected 35.00
Distro 5 63a TPNE ceeform in, 1 x 63a SPNE 1 x 32 a SPNE out per phase MCB / RCD protceted 35.00
Distro 6 63a TPNE ceeform in, 2 x 32a SPNE & 4 x 16a SPNE out per phase RCBO protected 75.00
Distro 8 63a TPNE ceeform, 2 x 32a TPNE out mcb protected 20.00
Distro 9 63a SPNE ceeform in, 4 x 16a SPNE out RCBO protected 20.00
Distro 10 32a SPNE ceeform in 2 x 16a SPNE out RCBO protected 15.00
Distro 11 32a TPNE ceeform in, 1 x 32a SPNE & 2 x 16a SPNE per phase RCBO protected 50.00
Distro 12 32a TPNE ceeform in 2 x 16a TPNE out MCB protected 15.00
13 amp twin socket on a short stand 16a in 3.00
Generators. We are able to arrange the hire of silenced generators up to 500kva. For details and prices get in touch


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